Asheville Neighborhood Initiative (ANI)

As Asheville's oldest and most active umbrella organization, CAN is positioned to be the primary means by which residents of Asheville are aware of changes that impact their neighborhoods and the city at large.  With the use of the toolset that is a part of this website, CAN is also able to garner opinions of Asheville residents, ensuring that all voices are heard when important decisions are made that impact our community.  This approach also offers the ability to not only hear responses, but to drive the agenda of the conversation!

In support of this intent, CAN's current goal is to register all of Asheville's residents in our collaborative toolset so that the information sharing can begin.

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The benefits of CAN's complete collaborative toolset include:

  1. This toolset offers the means by which residents of the City can make a statement as to what we want to see in our communities, and back that information up with numbers. 
  2. It is private. Collecting and maintaining data privately.  It’s only purpose is to connect Asheville’s neighborhoods, share and store their opinions, perspectives and agreements.

  3. All registrants can be validated before their association is finalized in the system.  

  4. There is no age limit to those whose voices will be heard.

  5. The City of Asheville will no longer need to hire consultants in order to feel assured as the opinions of its residents.

  6. Ongoing education through participation, aligning with CAN’s mission to educate the community.

  7. Helpful when updating the Vision Plans for each of the city’s neighborhoods.  

  8. The structure encourages collaboration and agreement.  

  9. Awareness as to what is going on in a the community, without having to search for that information.

  10. CAN functions as a trusted resource of the community. Throughout its 35 year history it has fulfilled its mission is to educate and advocate for Asheville’s neighborhoods.  This is a means by which it can be assured of fulfilling that role in the future.

CAN's toolset is a long-term solution to several age-old problems:

  1. Neighborhood-based data constraints since there hasn’t previously been a means by which to legitimately and equitably be able to quantify the voices of those living in our neighborhoods.  

  2. Citizenry has been excluded from the development conversation in any productive manner.

  3. There is no formal means in place by which neighborhoods can make decisions, or share their opinions with city staff or council.  When either of these parties initiate an endeavor, the amount of corresponding information that is shared with the community is dependent upon their desires or objectives.  In CAN’s system the conversation is controlled by the community.

  4. Transparency in governance can be achieved by CAN working with the city to ensure that critical information is readily available to those living in our community.

Here are some benefits of taking the time to sign up now to be a part of the conversation that is underway in your community:

  1. You will be able to participate in sharing your opinion on changes that impact your neighborhood.
  2. You will be notified of development that is positioned to impact your community.
  3. Your voice will support and strengthen endeavors that are undertaken in your neighborhood.
  4. You show support for your local community.

If you would like to make a donation towards the completion of this endeavor, please click  the donate button on the left.