CAN Takes a Stand on Delaying Public Hearings

The Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods asked the City Council and the City Manager to delay public hearings unless there was a guarantee that all public comments related to an issue that was a subject of a public hearing would be read into the record, before the Council took action.  

CAN took this step to preserve every citizen's right to have his/her voice heard on issues important to communities. Only Vice Mayor Gwen Wisler, who will be presiding over Council meetings in the near future, responded.  Read more...














May 2020: Seritage did not schedule a reappearnce before the Asheville City Council within the required 100 days.  That means the original application for zoning change expired.  Seritage is now required to start the process from the very begining.  Efforts to reach Seritage to learn of their plans have not yielded any new dates.

Please follow this topic on the CAN website for updates!

The following issues will be carefully monitored when Seritge submits new plans:

  1. Building height of 92 feet exceeds the Asheville 80’ maximum height ordinance. We have communicated to Seritage in email, encouraging them to adopt two story buildings in an urban grid, where the second story would support enough apartments that the main apartment building could be reduced in height by one story, putting it in compliance with the current 80' maximum height ordinance.
  2. The traffic impact to White Pine Drive, the only entrance and exit to the Kenilworth Forest community has not been mitigated due to the NCDOT preference to reduce traffic on South Tunnel Road. We seek signage and Brackettown Road speed bumps installed by Seritage to direct traffic toward South Tunnel road.
  3. Seritage has agreed to conform to the ordinance that requires a type B buffer which is 30’ wide. Seritage has verbally agreed to install an 8’ high security fence in the buffer for the entire length of the border with Kenilworth Forest. We seek that location of the fence be included in the drawings.
  4. Seritage has added trees to all parking lots on the border with Kenilworth Forest.  We have suggested that Seritage could allocate funds for trees to be planted on Kenilworth Forest border properties to satisfy total tree count requirements.
  5. Due to the proximity of the 92’ tall apartment building to our neighborhood, we are seeking commitment from Seritage to commit to implementation of mechanical equipment producing sound that meets noise standards either as documented in the upcoming new Asheville Noise Ordinance or 40dBa measured at several locations on the Keniworth Forest border.

For further information contact:

Rick Freeman
President Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods
President Kenilworth Forest Residents Association