Plan on a Page updates are important for neighborhoods.

We encourage all neighborhoods to take their first organizational step by answering the Plan on a Page questions and share your results with CAN.  We will review the contents, ask any questions that may arise, and notify the City of Asheville of your completed document.

Plan on a Page Questions to be Answered


City Council of Asheville's current goals and strategies are outlined in this document which is located on the city's website. 

CAN is position to help the city create and adopt neighborhood plans, as stated in Goal #7:  

Asheville’s neighborhoods are well organized and visionary. The upcoming Comprehensive Planning process creates a need for organized input from neighborhoods. We have created a Plan on a Page template to help neighborhoods efficiently provide input on the Compre-hensive Plan. Community plans are always based on neighborhood input, so Plan on a Page is a helpful tool in providing a quality comprehensive plan. Several neighborhoods have expressed interest in undertaking their own neighborhood level plans. To that end, this action plan includes strategies for empowering neighborhoods to complete their own plans and provide them with necessary tools. Due to resource constraints, this more in-depth neighborhood planning will be encouraged after the comprehensive planning process.

City Council's Strategic Priorities