This webpage is here to assist and guide you on how you can create and build a Neighborhood Association in your area.

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Six Steps to Organizing your Neighborhood       PDF to print out                                                                                                                                     

Register Your Neighborhood with the City           PDF to print out     and email to the following address                                                                                                                               

Sample By Laws                                                      PDF to print out

FAQ's for Neighborhood Associations                  PDF to print out

How do I Get to Know my Neighbors                     PDF to print out

Simple Event Ideas to Build an Active Neighborhood      PDF to print out

Reason to Reconnect Your Neighborhood - Success story

Look up information on any property in Asheville, check local crime stats, or development in the area

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Neighborhoods CAN is currently helping get formed and active:

Parkway Forest

Rhododendron Creek

West Asheville Estates

Charlotte Street Neighbors

Beaverdam Valley

West West Asheville


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References from Neighorhood who benefitted from CAN's assistance