1. Preservation of the small urban forest on 11Collier Avenue property. Owner: Matt Maynard, Tribute

2. Massive development proposed between lower Coxe and Asheland, ca. 550 residential apartments plus 84000 sq ft commercial and retail space plus in 4 buildings plus a parking garage for ca. 1000 spaces.

Owner/Developer: Matt Maynard/Tribute.

Suggestion: propose to preserve the wood in its entirety, limit apartment construction to Coxe/Asheland development; to make sure ADA law is observed in all aspects of the development, that all areas are fully accessible for walker users, wheelchair users, pedestrians with walking challenges, and persons walking side-by-side such as stroller users with children at their side.

3. Address Monopoly situation, i.e. Tribute already owns 2 large rental units on lower Coxe with ca. 100 apartments; with another ca. 550 apartments, Tribute will own the lower Coxe rental market with all aspects of a monopoly, with an effect on pricing of rentals, and many more.