The City is proposing to spend $16 million of American Rescue Plan funds on a Low Barrier Shelter. Whilst this shelter is urgently  needed in Asheville there are many outstanding issues to be resolved. This facility needs to be a success, it needs to work. Join us in urging Council to delay the vote to purchase this property until all the underlying issues have been resolved. Click on the link below to learn more about the pitfalls of how this project might fail.

Request to City Council to delay vote on Low Barrier Shelter


Noise Ordinance City Council Vote July 27

75 dBA daytime defeated, original staff decibels and times approved

CAN members and supporters,

CAN supporters were outnumbered by music enthusiasts three to one.  Ultimately the City Council voted against the Public Safety Committee approved increased decibel limits and later day time definitions.  They approved the city staff proposal that was made to the Public Safety Committee, with minor adjustments and an effective date of September 15, 2021.  Once the revised noise ordinance is available, CAN will provide an update.  Here is our understanding of decibels and times:

7 AM - 10 PM Sunday - Thursday - daytime 72 dBA
7 AM - 11 PM Saturday - Sunday - nighttime 72 dBA
10 PM - 2 AM or 11 PM - 2 AM late night 67 dBA
2 AM - 7 AM overnight 62 dBA

7 AM - 10 PM every day - daytime 65 dBA
10 PM - 7 AM  - overnight 57 dBA

7 AM - 10 PM every day - daytime 70 dBA
10 PM - 7 AM - overnight 65 dBA

No specific times or decibel limits.  Residential noise complaints for sound that comes from other districts, will be measured against the maximum decibel limits from those districts.  Residential noise complaints for sound that comes from within the residential district will be handled as a nuisance.  Specific decibel limits are not required.

We expect there will be updates and explanations prior to Septmber 15, 2021.

Chronology of CAN's Noise Ordinance Development


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