Noise Ordinance City Council Vote July 27

Urgent Action Needed!

CAN members and supporters,

Based on sound demonstrations presented by an audio expert on 7/23 and 7/27, city council members have experienced excess noise first hand.  They have heard for themselves that maximum sound level limits  75 dBA daytime and 70 or 65 dBA night time are far too loud.  

Please use this information and all the other content on this page to send your own message to city council.  Only city council can either amend the noise ordinance or reject it with direction to city staff and the Public Safety Committee. Use this email address to put your voice on the record:
Additional letters sent to City Council Members:  See Email to City Council Members
Please attend the 7/27 City Council Meeting.  We need your strong support. You can be sure that those who do not want any excessive noise regulation will be there in force.
The following statements are CAN’s recommendations to city council to amendment the ordinance:

Amend the noise ordinance with these revised times, limits and reductions:

7 AM - 10 PM Sunday - Thursday - daytime 65 dBA
7 AM - 11 PM Saturday - Sunday - nighttime 65 dBA
10 PM - 2 AM or 11 PM - 2 AM late night 60 dBA
2 AM - 7 AM overnight 55 dBA

7 AM - 10 PM every day - daytime 65 dBA
10 PM - 7 AM  - overnight 55 dBA

7 AM - 10 PM every day - daytime 65 dBA
10 PM - 7 AM - overnight 55 dBA

7 AM - 10 PM every day - daytime 60 dBA
10 PM - 7 AM - overnight 45 dBA*

* Maximum sound level determine by the World Health Organization and confirmed by all reputable scientists to protect humans from severe health impacts from excessive noise

Adopt this version of the reductions statement:

The sound level limits shall be reduced by an additional 8 dBA when measured at the property line of an abutting residential district 

Performance Center Zoning

Asheville zoning must be modified such that no additional Performance Centers can be zoned within 2000 feet of residential districts. Do not allow Performance Centers in the Urban Place Form Code and rezoning.

Amend Permits to Exceed

Type 3 - no more than 12 events in a 12-month period
All sound exceedance events hours 10 AM - 10 PM
No more than 75 dBA Leq

Require Noise Ordinance Revision after trial period:
  • Immediately establish the Noise Advisory Board
  • Use all channels to inform business and residents of maximum sound limits in approved ordinance
  • Establish transparent and complete data to track all complaints, including source of sound, dBA and dBC levels, actions taken to mitigate if violation, who enforced
  • Deliver warnings and recommend mitigation steps instead of citations and fines
  • Produce monthly reports with summary and full detail
  • Joint presentation of revised noise ordinance by city staff and Noise Advisory Board to both Public Safety and City Council
Thank you in advance for your support.  It has been more than two years that CAN has been educating city staff and city council on appropriate maximum sound levels that promote a health Asheville.  Together we can convince City Council to do the right thing.

Documents that can help you:

  1.  The CAN Presentation for city council: CAN Presentation
  2.  Amended Ordinance Language : Amended Ordinance
  3.  Email to city council: 7-23-2021 Council Email
  4.  Staff report & revised ordinance: Presentation and Ordinance


Council member email:  City of Asheville Email Addresses

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